The Boonafide Experience

The Storyverse, with Patrick Chapman

April 04, 2022 Kyle Warren Season 3 Episode 11
The Boonafide Experience
The Storyverse, with Patrick Chapman
Show Notes

Thanks for your patience while I was out dead for a week w/the Rona. This week, we have the VP of Business Development & Partnerships at a web3 project called Storyverse.

I feel jaded on most pfp projects and am looking for the thing to bring the identity layer of web3 to life. Storyverse is one of those projects.

Patrick has served overseas and worked for many different startups in his day, including building out the esports partnerships division at Facebook. 

We dive into his work history, how it's helped shape him for this position in web3, some casual banter is had about the current state of the space, and I get semi-technical about how the storyverse truly brings these web3 identities to life!

Lastly! If you're not following me on Twitter (why the hell not?!) You will have noticed that I joined a collective of incredible content creators called the Non-Refungible Network. They cover weekly NFT news, De-Fi newsletters, and so much more!

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