The Boonafide Experience

Ramon Govea: Founder, Myth Division

April 25, 2022 Ramon Govea Season 3 Episode 14
The Boonafide Experience
Ramon Govea: Founder, Myth Division
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This week, I interviewed Ramon Govea, founder of the media brand Myth Division. Before getting into this project, note that I hold one of his Alpha Access tokens. Been a believer since day one back in August, and it's just getting more exciting.

When researching teams, I look for their history and what they worked on before their web3 venture. If you peek at the Myth Division website, you'll quickly see where my conviction started. Ramon has been building IP and telling stories via comics, movies, animations, etc.

Ramon is one of those folks that understand Holywood well enough to know how to disrupt and change it for the better. Myth Divison has multiple legs, from the comic book BASYC (Bored Ape Seeks Yacht Club), PFP project, Waifu Warriors, and Myth Division Access Tokens. These NFTs connect to the larger vision of his city, Orangurock, which will be the hub for unique web3 experiences of the future, adding opportunities for creators to thrive.

Sit down, buckle up, and grab some coffee, because this one will blow your mind.

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