The Boonafide Experience

Samantha Cavet

May 16, 2022 Samantha Cavet Season 3 Episode 17
The Boonafide Experience
Samantha Cavet
Show Notes

Born in Venezuela, Samantha moved to Spain seven years ago; when she first arrived, She worked a marketing job that didn't let her do much marketing (strange), so she found something she could pour her heart and soul into, photography.

We discuss two of her collections, the first of which is her "Stories" Super Rare collection, which is more of a melancholy collection that spawned out of the pandemic. We go into the pieces, "The Fragility of existence" and "The color of time" in more detail.

The second collection is her "Echoes and Whispers" collection on OpenSea, which was inspired by traditional Japanese art, and sold out in less than two weeks! In discussing this collection, she really took her time to make sure she honored the culture, just as it was intended.

Lastly, we discuss what she envisions web3 to be, and what her idea of the future looks like :)


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