The Boonafide Experience

Ana Maria Caballero

May 23, 2022 Ana Maria Caballero Season 3 Episode 18
The Boonafide Experience
Ana Maria Caballero
Show Notes

Today, I bring you this podcast's first poet, I welcome Ana Maria Caballero. I first came across her work last year, when she was reading one of her poems in a Clubhouse room, and I've been following along ever since!

Hailing from Bogota Colombia, Ana has won thirteen awards, including Colombia's Jose Manuel Argano National Poetry Prize in 2014! She has also collaborated with major brands such as Playboy and has been featured in numerous NFT galleries.

Ana's mission is simple, Poetry = Art.

Ana is taking action towards this mission by collaborating with digital artists to add unique imagery to her poets to deepen the story and create new experiences. She is also the co-founder of a website called The verse verse, which is a curated platform to onboard traditional poets into the web3 space.

We discuss everything from her journey as a poet in web3, why poetry means so much to her, and what her biggest goals are with her poetry.

Enjoy <3

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