The Boonafide Experience

Erin McGean

June 06, 2022 Erin McGean Season 3 Episode 20
The Boonafide Experience
Erin McGean
Show Notes

We like the art, we like the collage art even more after this recording! I first ran into Erin last year in a Twitter space and was immediately inspired by her courage to hop on a stage and share her art in front of a large audience that hadn't yet seen collage art before.

From there, I've been watching her continue to hone in on her craft, become a live podcast host on Twitter Spaces, and get accepted to the Super Rare platform. Most recently, she won Super Rare's "Space Race", which will allow her to curate her own Super Rare Collage art gallery! What is unique about this accomplishment, is that it is 100% community voted by using Super Rare's $Rare token. A small example of how decentralized governance can lead to unique opportunities for everyone.

This episode starts off with my human moment by calling her Ana, but I promise it gets better. We chat through her experience creating art both before and during web3, how she vibes with her collectors, her journey as a teacher, and how her mindset has been during the current market conditions. We even wrap it up with an example of a public disagreement with art she viewed as offensive, and how it was resolved.

The pieces we discussed live are down below, and in order starting at 42m Definitely recommend you follow along :)

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