The Boonafide Experience

John Knopf

June 13, 2022 John Knopf Season 3 Episode 21
The Boonafide Experience
John Knopf
Show Notes

A person in web3 that needs no introduction, but he'll get one anyway because I love him, I give you, John Knopf.

Artist, Community builder, and just an overall GOOD GUY. John was one of the first people I looked up to in web3, as he had (and still does) this ridiculously contagious energy that radiated (and still does) far and wide. 

We start from the beginning of his childhood in what he describes as his comfort of chaos.  Before being a photographer full-time, he worked at a car dealership, which is where he truly found his love for photography, his exit to becoming a full-time artist is one for the books!

We then dive into his thought process, motivation, and determination to succeed, at any cost, and a detailed description of what that actually looked like for him. We then journey into him discovering the web3 space, and the role he played in creating a movement of photography being valued in the NFT space.

Some special moments are the ones he shared around the difficult discussions he and Cath Simard had when it came to breaking out, and their wild journey ever since. Our discussion on how he prices his work is something unique that I never heard before and is one that many will replay over and over for years to come.

This episode is a must not miss. John is a big-brain visionary, builder, and relentless hustler; we are truly blessed to have him in this space.

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