The Boonafide Experience

Alex Mackenzie

July 04, 2022 Alex Mackenzie Season 3 Episode 23
The Boonafide Experience
Alex Mackenzie
Show Notes

Alex ... My word, what an amazing human. Alex is a Ph.D. in physiology and a landscape photographer. We meet on a pop-up twitter space, and she nerded out on her passion for both medicine and photography, I knew I had to have her on.

We wind the clocks all the way back to the beginning where she started out her photography journey in the concert scene and built up a name for herself there. If you notice her work, she combines her favorite lyrics of a song that inspired the photo, something unique that I hadn't seen before.

Traditionally, the Ph.D. path is a professor, however, Alex is in one of the unique positions to explore a different path with her studies, one that allows her to combine her love of photography with her love of physiology.

We really go all over the place, in what Alex likes to call her ADHD tangents. 

I am so excited for you to hear this one :)

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