The Boonafide Experience

Postwook- Collage Artist

July 18, 2022 Postwook Season 3 Episode 25
The Boonafide Experience
Postwook- Collage Artist
Show Notes

From Capitol Hill to the sunny shores of LA, Natasha has one of the most fascinating stories I've ever had on the show. Growing up in a household with an incredibly analytical father and a talented artist for a mother, she got the best of both worlds.

During her time in politics, she found a natural path to making collage art on a random phone app that doesn't exist anymore. Her friend approached her to do an album cover for a music festival, and that was her first experience with making money off her creation. One thing we share in common is that when we feel something, we double down, and that's exactly what she did.

For the rest of the interview, we go over many different areas in depth. From Instagram web2 to decentralized protocols in web3, she goes through the entire process from the "aha" moment we all have to going all in and fostering her community.

We chatted about IP law, copyright, trademarks, what that currently means, and how it currently applies to web3. Towards the end, we chat through the challenges of onboarding, why gen-z has severe distrust within the government, and how we need to practice and share the principles of web3, especially driving home the narrative of self-custody and what that really means.

There are so many other fun rabbit holes that we plunge into the deep end on, and I can't wait for you to get lost in it all!

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