The Boonafide Experience

Ayla El-Moussa

September 05, 2022 Ayla El-Moussa Season 3 Episode 33
The Boonafide Experience
Ayla El-Moussa
Show Notes


Ayla’s work captivated me from day one, starting with her piece “Allegorical Figure of Day and Night,” a piece in which the light changes with the sun's cycle.

We start right off the bat by talking about short-term vs. long-term time horizons. Next, we chat about the tough balance of telling your own story while uplifting others and what it means to be selfish.

Next, I explore the elusive wave in all of her photos, how this came to be, and her fascination with nudity, and we expand a lot on the topic of her being her own muse.

Lastly, we talk about the relationships she’s built with her collectors and how she wants to be remembered in the fine art world.

Sit back, throw some headphones in, and get lost in the wave 🌊.

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