The Boonafide Experience

Chris Hytha

October 03, 2022 Chris Hytha Season 3 Episode 37
The Boonafide Experience
Chris Hytha
Show Notes

gm everybody,

This week's guest is Chris Hytha, one of the first photographers I have followed since I entered the NFT space. Chris is a designer and visual artist based in Philadelphia, obsessed with architecture and the stories they tell.

He is most known in the web3 space for his Row Homes collection, a collection of 101 stunning composite photographs of old school homes in Philadelphia that are no more than 20ft wide and three stories tall. 

There were a few great topics Chris, and I discussed:

-For the love of Architecture

-Urban Expressionism and Visual Comedy

-What if everyone went against the grain?

-Defining his style & managing success

-Art as a business

I know you're going to enjoy this one!

Chris's work
Rowhomes Video:

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