The Boonafide Experience

Connor Grasso

October 10, 2022 Connor Grasso Season 3 Episode 38
The Boonafide Experience
Connor Grasso
Show Notes


This week, I have the pleasure of introducing Connor Grasso, or as the web3 community may know him, _cnnnr. He is an Alaskan-based multi-disciplinary artist who has been creating for six years and is has been in the NFT space since 2020. His works have been featured internationally in galleries in New York City, Prague, and Shanghai. Connor has also worked as a director and photographer at Top Dawg Entertainment as well as 300 Entertainment.

A few key topics we discussed:

How living off the land as a child gave him unique respect for nature and how to capture it
-The importance of pseudonymity in the next generation of society
-His mixed-media piece "Anonymous"
-The macro-importance of web3
-Nifty Gateway collection "Memory Palace."

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Intro music by Sean Mundy

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