The Boonafide Experience

Austin Visual

October 17, 2022 Austin Visual Season 3 Episode 39
The Boonafide Experience
Austin Visual
Show Notes

Austin is a lens-based artist out of the east coast who is multi-disciplinary by nature and has a keen interest in the new topographic photography style, which focuses on the more common landscapes you see in everyday life. 

This episode was jam-packed with energy and some spicy takes from Austin.

Key points in AV podcast

-Identification as an artist
-Multi-layered narratives in web3
-Pushing through the bear market
-Focus on making better art

-Super Rare Genesis (Cabins On Cape Cod)
-Sleeping Suburbia

Lastly, a Massive shoutout to Hologram for making this incredible interactive model of my NFT. I'll share some more info about them below.

Excited for you to hear this one!

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