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November 07, 2022 Farokh Season 3 Episode 42
The Boonafide Experience
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This one is a special one for me. Farokh was one of the first people I found in Clubhouse in early 2021 and have consistently looked up to him since. Farokh is a serial entrepreneur who has been building for over 10 years before he found the web3 space. He is the co-founder of Rug Radio, which is a decentralized media company that harnesses web3 tools to empower both creators and listeners. He also is a participant in his own eco-system and is a co-host of the gm show every morning where he, OSF, and Mando cover the latest in NFTs, and macro-economic conditions, and host people & teams that are building the future of this space. You're in for a real treat, this conversation is a good one.

Main points:

Background + intro into web3
The start of the gm show
A detailed breakdown of Rug Radio & problems they're solving
How he handles being an iconic figure in web3
What Farokh likes to collect
What he's looking for in the next iteration of web3

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