The Boonafide Experience

Alex Zinder

November 21, 2022 Alex Zinder Season 3 Episode 43
The Boonafide Experience
Alex Zinder
Show Notes


I am thrilled to be back; I hope you got to catch up with all previous episodes! This week is my conversation with Alex Zinder, Head of Enterprise at Ledger.

Ledger is the most popular crypto hardware wallet, with nearly 20% of the cryptocurrency tokens being stored on Ledger devices. Given the current events with the FTX meltdown, there has never been a better bull case for the meme "not your keys, not your crypto."

I learned so much from Alex; we discussed the following topics:

-Intro & background on Alex
-Education & Onboarding
-Building tools for retail vs. enterprise
-Comparison of crypto markets to the og capital markets
-Ledger security in your phone [insert eye emoji]
-What it will take to get crypto to mass adoption

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