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Ex Lawyer

December 12, 2022 Ex Lawyer Season 3 Episode 46
The Boonafide Experience
Ex Lawyer
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A proud father, art collectooooooor, Nifty Gateway Publisher, and an ex-lawyer, you're in for a real treat this week! I found Ex Lawyer through his banter with a few of my favorite artists I've had on this podcast (Mae & Ayla), and his vibes were immaculate, so I had to have him on the pod.

He is someone who deeply understands the crypto principles that this entire NFT space is built on top of, and we go into so many topics where he flexes it.

We cover the following topics:

-Art Basel cope
-Intro to the web3 space
-The advantages of both digital and physical art
-Practical applications of NFTs (with examples)
-The dissection of how the government is handling crypto
-How he collects art
-Art as a business
-Upcoming Nifty Gateway Drop

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