The Boonafide Experience

E: 23- Alex "Shyway" Hope

May 07, 2020 Alex "Shyway" Hope Season 1 Episode 23
E: 23- Alex "Shyway" Hope
The Boonafide Experience
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The Boonafide Experience
E: 23- Alex "Shyway" Hope
May 07, 2020 Season 1 Episode 23
Alex "Shyway" Hope

Shyway is a Halo YouTuber who is deeply passionate about Halo 5 and it's complex movements. He has dedicated his YouTube channel to not only exposing new game mechanic hacks, but also map manipulation, strategies, and he does it all so effortlessly (Or at least he makes it look that way).

Let him show you the way.

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Shyway is a Halo YouTuber who is deeply passionate about Halo 5 and it's complex movements. He has dedicated his YouTube channel to not only exposing new game mechanic hacks, but also map manipulation, strategies, and he does it all so effortlessly (Or at least he makes it look that way).

Let him show you the way.

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spk_0:   0:00
Good evening and welcome to the Bonified experience. Podcast. My name is Kyle a K bonified gamey all. I have been humbled by the amount of support This podcast has hit 100 downloads in the past. I believe it's six weeks. So for those who have been listening consistently and those who have just been tuning in and those who have been sharing the podcast thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This actually means this means the absolute world. Um, and I'm extremely happy to be doing this, you know, without further ado, this week's guest, Ah, is it has a very unique form of content, one that I've truly never seen before. The man has a deep passion for Halo five. He breaks down the mechanics to a science. He explains it to you, you know, like a three year old where anyone can understand that anyone can do it. I'm in his overall missions to help you become a better Halo five player, and he's really, really good at it. It's been really cool to watch this guy's journey. Um, watch him overcome obstacles, accomplishes goals, make way in the halo community and just become a pillar in this community as well. And so without further ado, I give you all none other than the one. The only Mr Shy way himself. You'll enjoy the show. Good afternoon, Siwei. How are you doing today?

spk_1:   1:29
I'm doing well yourself. Thank you for having me, by the way.

spk_0:   1:32
Absolutely, man. Absolutely. You have a very ah, You have a very unique form of content. And I remember when I was scrolling Cross your feet. I'm like, I got to get this guy. I kinda after God here. It's crazy.

spk_1:   1:43
I really appreciate this because I've never I haven't. I've had, like, one other podcast interview in my life. Force is new to me too, is, you know, just this whole experience. So thank you. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's not always a gamble here, you know. I know you don't like It's

spk_0:   2:03
fun, man. It's like I figured that, you know, when I started this, like the 1 to 1 environment is where I'm the most comfortable in this. I I remember having this idea, and I just some just like Okay, I got to keep doing this. It's almost intoxicating. So I appreciate having you on your minutes. Ah, the pleasure. The

spk_1:   2:19
pleasure. Right? I just kicking it off with hcs weekly a couple years ago. I've learned so much in these things. One on one interviews. I love doing this up too. So I'm with you on that

spk_0:   2:30
awesome man. Yeah. Yeah, because we're all world players were all, you know, where all competitors, we all. We all love the game, but it's like, Who is the person behind that? What's their opinion? What's their take? It's like That's always a fascinating story to tell. So definitely so again from useless. Thanks for thanks for being on. Thanks for agreeing. Ah, it's exciting that we get to do this. You know, you're all the way in Canada, and I'm in Texas. So it's, uh, acknowledges Amazing man.

spk_1:   2:55
Corn gene doesn't affect us.

spk_0:   2:57
No, not not one bit. It actually elevate. So, um, so let's just rolled off. Meant, you know, who are you and what type of content do you produce?

spk_1:   3:05
Uh, my name is I was in her hope. I go a shy way. I produce a variety of different content. What I mainly known for is by my analysis videos on Halo, where I guess I do play by play with micro macro breakdowns on on other players gameplay. Essentially, I'll find, ah, pro player will make a play that I really like And I'll just talk about it in a way that I think is exciting and engaging And, uh and, yes, it's kind of gone from there. So that that and then, ah, you know, interviews in hcs casting.

spk_0:   3:36
Awesome. And you, how long you been doing this for? How long are specifically on the content side?

spk_1:   3:40
Uh, so my YouTube specifically, I've kind of had it for a long time. You could go back. I've actually removed a lot of the video, so you can't see them next. Kind of embarrassing, but way back in, like, 2012 I started the YouTube channel, but I didn't actually give it my full focus until 2018 when everything just kind of it kind of started snowballing from there. Um, and that was because of a variety of other things I was doing outside of YouTube that kind of lead up to that. So I, um, I've invested a lot of time in kind of learning and growing my background in public speaking on, then applying that to gaming kind of later in life. Um, so 2018 against us when that the YouTube grind like, really began, let's say

spk_0:   4:23
awesome in. And how did you like you know, I mentioned before This is unique. How did you, like, stumble into this? Like what? Like what was it that got you excited about wanting to share this

spk_1:   4:32
s o. I could do a really long story, but I'll try to skip to it. But basically I was on Ah, a show like a eastwards talk show. And it had this segment where way had to come up with our own segment on this e sports show to do personally. Normally, it's like a 33 way chat that we have about E sports. But for my personal segment, I decided to try to break down a smash bro's play Smash Rose May like I was a big smash Rose man defend before I started doing the halo videos. So they had a TV beside me and ah and I just took a play and I have, like, a surface tablet in my hand where I could pause and play it and I just kind of went and, uh, just broke it down. It was always, like, one run. They went really well and everybody loved and I was like, Oh, my God, this is kind of cool. So I started doing this segment for them every week. It was called game changer, where I would break down smash. And then I do a counterstrike playing Overwatch, playing. I don't know all these games, of course, but I would always, you know, have like an expert with me just to make sure, Like, legal agents, I've no idea what I'm talking about. Um, but I would have an expert to make sure it was correct. And then after that got canned the show finished. Um, I I realized I had this kind of like, this skill set. I liked breaking down gameplay on. And Halo five was my favorite game at the time. So I decided to start, uh, you like applying that for halo and making YouTube videos?

spk_0:   5:50
That's awesome in Yeah, So why? So what about Halo five is is you're like, Why is that? Your favorite

spk_1:   5:57
Halo five is I know it's like a somewhat misunderstood I'd say it's like a misunderstood, said game. It's It's just there's so much depth in the movement side of things like the mechanics of the game is that And that's what's so exciting about it is I am a mechanical type of gamer coming from Smash Rose Malay. I don't know if you know much about the the scene and smash Rose Melee outside Hi really murdered hundreds of inputs every every minute. Basically, you're pressing a lot of buttons really quickly. And if you're you know, if you're really, really skilled, you're achieving these, like, you know, nearer in human feats of like, technical prowess. It's it's just really awesome. It's satisfying. So that and gears of war as well I would, you know, wall bounce. Um, you know, I love fast movement and precise inputs. Halo five has all that in spades. So Halo five just you know, I always loved Halo, but when I came back to Halo five, I realized there was just so much to work with. With all the new advanced ability tools with sliding and thrusting and spring jumping on, I got sucked into it and yeah, you

spk_0:   7:02
met you mentioned gears of war like what was it like his? I I'm a huge gears fan. I'm a man, actually, monster, you know it. So I think that's you. Bring up a good point like cause Gears of war. You're doing so many things at the same time. You know, there's angle and shot, he's and movement and like it's just it's a Fanta. It's a It's a fascinating game style, So yeah,

spk_1:   7:21
yeah, the thing with gears is like, especially in gears. Three. So I played gears. 123 Loved all of them, But Gears three was the one where I I sweat in gears. Three. I was like We have a clan that I would run with would be only the top of the leaderboard inside be up until, like 45 a. M almost every night. Playing that game is crazy, but that was because the wall bouncing was so was satisfying in that game. You could move so fast as fast as you could press that button. Essentially, you'd be like lightning speed to the point where if you're really precise with your shots and you're smart with your movement, you would dance circles around entire teams and take out entire teams by yourself with the shoddy and something about that is just so exhilarating. It's like, yes, you know, the strategy side of games are fun and team working all those elements. But when you could be that one badass that just, you know, when you when you enter, like super saying mode or something and nobody can touch you. And that's cause you're hitting all these inputs so perfectly, it's just so satisfied. Gears three gave me that. I don't know what it was if it was like there was the Internet or something that also contributed to the fact that you could go off by herself. But now, when I played years, four years. Five I find that if you make those, like really aggressive plays, you get punished super, super hard. So you got to think about it more. But yet

spk_0:   8:30
you do and they actually nerved. Ah, the camera speed on the most recent updated gears to, like Teoh eliminates limit some of that because pro play, because the skill ceiling was just so large. You are like there was such a big skill gap between pro players and AM players and and players and people like me, you know, it's like were people that are just competitive. It's because I remember watching these pros and I'm just like, OK, when I watch Halo pros, I'm like, OK, that's hard, But I can do that, you know, like if I put in the time, I could do that. But when I

spk_1:   8:59
let you watch top level Hill of five, though, that's the thing,

spk_0:   9:02
right? But But in gears, I look at that, I'm like, there's no way I could do that like I'm like, almost so demotivated toe like even, like try it Something like that. You know, um, I know I was

spk_1:   9:12
down that Yeah, I just I love games that that have such a crazy scale ceiling cause it continues to reward the time that you put into it basically alright, like, but I completely agree that, like if you missed the boat on it like if I was to try to get into, like, I guess gears were like Smash Rose Malay Now and you look at the scene and like how long these guys have been playing and how good they all are, it's just it's hard toe you want to do that. But the best game, though, is the type of game that can be played casually and is enjoyed on all levels and play. If that makes sets like you don't have to be a good player, you can still have really good time with it if you're not playing like other sweaty players, so there's there's a good sweet spot where it's approachable, but it still has a ton of death if you put time in so and

spk_0:   9:53
I think Halo had a great life, I've had a great range of that, you know, to really you had elements of war zone. You had the social, you know, like I mean every once when you get some pro players and in the social obvious, but for the most part was really balanced.

spk_1:   10:04
Yeah, yeah, Halo five has that for sure. I think one of the big issues with Halo five for you players is a lot of the techniques, because there's so many things you can do, your kind of required to take your thumb off the right stick a lot to like, hit a bunch of buttons like, if you want a sprint or if you want to thrust or stabilising midair. So a lot of people, especially at a higher level, they're kind of like force toe. Either learn how to claw or by like a secondary peripheral, so they have extra buttons under the control. And I feel like that's kind of a barrier to entry for a lot of players, like there would be a good, sweet spot. That's why I think the classic halo games were more loved because it's easier to pick up in play and there's still a ton of there's still a huge skill gap. It's just more maybe on the aiming and positioning side of things you don't necessarily need toe, you know, be super quick with your fingers, just like you'd be viable at that mid to high level or it.

spk_0:   10:52
Yeah, yeah. And so when it comes to, like, infinite, you know, what do you think is a good like when it comes to like, Do you think all this stuff from Halo five should be transferred over like, what's the balance? But between the movement, like a classic and halo and how we could

spk_1:   11:04
be honest, I personally wouldn't mind if it was like, I wouldn't mind if if they went, you know, advanced movement. And it was fast and, uh, you know, it was super technical because I'm already used to that. That's fine. I don't expect it to be that way, though. Um, I think they're going to find some sort of a middle ground for it. I don't expect them to pull it all the way back as well, because I feel like they've gone so far with advanced ability at this point that they've kind of finally figured out how to make it work and how to make it like its own unique thing, whereas with, like Halo, Reach and four, I feel like they didn't really know what they were doing with these mechanics and how they kind of worked together, and it was kind of harder to make a case for them. But now, at age five, you can kind of argue that they started to figure it out, so I feel like they would pull back on the speed a little bit on, have sort of a middle ground game that's like that's more approachable and problem. Hopefully, they put more focus on the aiming side of things as well cause I was a big issue with H five is like heavy aim. Yeah, uh, stuff like that. But yeah, we'll see.

spk_0:   12:01
I'm nervous but hopeful, like I'm nervous because I I look at all the moves at 34 threes making, and I see them almost kind of falling into a little rhythm. You know, like I I feel like the communication has gotten a lot better like since the release of MCC. Like I feel like they like they dug themselves in a pretty big hole, if you know, if I must say so myself. But right back in 20

spk_1:   12:21
14 you're saying, like from Ford MCC to Halo five and even Hillary five tons of issues on lunch, on top of like how long it took for the content to come out everything. Yeah, Oh, yeah, they had a big hole, but they're they're put there clawing their way out of it now is what it feels like. It slowly but surely hopefully. And I

spk_0:   12:38
just I love seeing the chest places being played. You know, like I can see each a little move and I'm like, OK, like even though it's still tough, even though people are still not seeing it fully like even though we still haven't gotten. And he came flying for infinite light. I know I can see the pieces big put together. I'm just I'm so

spk_1:   12:53
excited for it. I just think one of the biggest things that makes it so exciting is I feel like they've finally nailed, nailed the art style like I feel like they finally got something that looks like Halo like that gets you excited. Like Halo three used to get you excited when you watch the trailers, you know? I mean, when somebody and that was a big thing for me to is I used to work at a Microsoft store and I would play Halo five on the TV's outside the store and people would walk by. And I cannot tell you how many times people would say is that destiny is that Overwatch is that call of duty. Is that whatever like is nobody would know it was halo, and I guess he was not as relevant today as it used to be. But it's also because Halo five just doesn't have that look like it doesn't just strike you as this is Halo when you see it. And I think infinite finally kind of hitting that from what we've seen so far. So if they can nail that feel, that's gonna be huge. I think Let

spk_0:   13:39
me ask you before Hey, we'll five. What was your favorite hail to For the same

spk_1:   13:43
reasons that I, like all the other halo games is actually OK, probably H one maybe Could have been. But I didn't really play each one. I was kind of, you know, I was too young to really understand or appreciate any of it. But Halo to, um on top of just being insanely fun before I learned about BX are double shot and all that stuff. It just it takes you to that next level. And that's what makes it so exciting. You're pressing all these inputs. You're getting a competitive advantage and you feel like a badass because of it. Yeah. Hello To was sick for that

spk_0:   14:11
question. Could you ever nail the quad shot? I can do

spk_1:   14:14
it now, but as a kid, I know as a kid like, I didn't really fully, you know, understand how they'll hold all that stuff. Works. You know how to use it effectively. But I appreciated it from afar and I would watch like people do be X ours and stuff on YouTube. Damn, that's sick. Yeah. Now you do and be like, that's really sick. Yeah, I feel like I kind of missed the boat on the competitive side of it. Appreciate. Yeah.

spk_0:   14:38
And and I I tell the story all the time, like it was such a different time when Halo two is around like the conversation that the world was having was very different. And it's like, you know, like at that at the age I was, I think it was maybe 12 or 13 and it was like I had the chance to go compete in emoji Dallas to be just a substitute. You know, just has an amateur substitute. And I never even asked my parents because at that time, going to play video games of bunch of strangers I met on the Internet in Dallas was never a conversation my parents were willing to have with me, right, you know, And so it's just like I feel like in the same way I missed that boat. When it comes to you know, the competitive grind

spk_1:   15:13
Yeah. Yeah, I I never went to any lands, though it although, so at least you got a taste of it. Um, and it may be that kind of I wonder if that's like a US thing as well, though. Because, like, I feel like a lot of us based players got to experience more of that. That real environment, if you just come in Toronto, Canada. Well,

spk_0:   15:29
no, I think it to go. I didn't get, you know, I was very I just like, I completely missed that boat. And I didn't like, even because there was no I couldn't get the

spk_1:   15:38
opportunity to go as okay, okay. And then you didn't take it.

spk_0:   15:43
Yeah. Yeah, because I don't want to ask my parents because I was too embarrassed about what they might say. Or like what they would think about me or, you know, their judgment and all that other stuff, you know. Really? Yeah. Yeah, well, cause video games. At that time, my parents viewed him as a waste. You know, it was not It wasn't like it was and rightfully so. Like, if it if at that time, it was viewed as someone just like wasting the life away at playing video games and just being a nerd and like, you need to go play out in the sun. You don't mean they weren't harsh. I have a great family, but you know, it just right. That's just that's just how it waas, you know, um, back in the day. Yeah, I I got some

spk_1:   16:18
of that as well, for sure. I think my parents didn't really know what they were getting me into when they got me that and 64 way back in late 1996. You know, like that they didn't buy it that my grand parents got it for me. I opened it up. I've got Mario 64 I cannot stop playing this game, you know, like Nintendo kind of took a lot of my childhood, and I do not regret any of it. I loved it, but it was a constant struggle with my family theater out of time that I played games and whether or not it was a good investment investment of my time. You know what else I should be doing? Yeah, it was always a worry for my mom, for sure.

spk_0:   16:51
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, what it like ST? Yeah, because that was one of the questions gonna have growing. Growing up is like, How How did that like, what did that look like? You know, like, what was the struggle? What was, you know,

spk_1:   17:02
uh, I mean, I was never, like a bad kid or anything. Like, I keep my grades pretty good stuff, You know what I mean? Like, I always have, like a backup. Like if I play a lot of games, I could always be like Okay, well, I'm good here, you know. You know, it could be a lot worse. So I think my parents don't have a ton to complain about, but they definitely didn't like it. They just thought it was a waste of time. It's ah, you know, it's not, uh I'm trying to think of like how my mom would worry that she's very spiritually or something. It's, like, not good for your I got Internet. I'm not gonna do it justice. But, you know, it's just it's not the type of activity that that she agreed with or thought it was worthwhile for me. I was very into music as well. Uh, growing up so I would play a lot of saxophone and stuff and I go to school for that. And they liked that hobby. They would try to nurture that. But the gaming that, you know, it was always a problem. What

spk_0:   17:52
ZANU And at the time, like, you know, what Halo did was, in my opinion, with the way that whether with way matchmaking was done, just the community that they built like that was revolutionary, you know, like that had never been done. And that was like the start of like, what we're seeing today. You know, it was like you have these pivotal moments in time with games that just kind of changed history. And it's like, Right Halo did that, cause I don't care who you talk to, like people in their thirties, forties and fifties Remember old school Halo land parties back in the day like that? Was it, you know,

spk_1:   18:21
able to Lynn birthday parties some My best childhood memories is my buddy would have for every birthday have this halo to land. We have, like four Xboxes, all linked together, system link or whatever different monitors for each team. So we couldn't like screen watch it and, you know, did need to scream. Watch, uh, so amazing. And we were all terrible at the game too. So it was the best kind of competition, cause nobody's like, you know, your get upset like you swept the like. You don't have that that history, that background to really, uh, you get you know what I mean? Like, it was just rockets and sorts and love it. You know, I can't do that anymore. I have to play like arena all the time and like I'm always sweating Anyway,

spk_0:   19:00
I'm the same way I'm You seem like very similar. May I don't have fun unless I'm sweating it just That's what is

spk_1:   19:05
basically is now, Yeah, it's like, What's the hardest game mode? And how do I throw myself at that over and over until I get upset and then come back? You know, the next day, rinse and repeat. Back in the day, I'd play with rockets and swords or whatever and not care and have an amazing time. But now, once you learn how the tech and all the abilities and stuff and get really good at it, you have to keep playing, and that's what it feels like for me. I have

spk_0:   19:26
to. Did you ever like distance yourself from your social friends? Because the skill gap between you and your friend being the home he's got two big.

spk_1:   19:33
Um, Well, I feel like I never really got Not that I distance myself cause I feel like it was always, like, kind of a me. Like it's something that I did with myself and like my online friends, if that makes sense, like my school friends I didn't game with as much like a lot of my school friends are very casual when it comes to gaming. We just would kind of hang out, do other things or play like, you know, did Tendo games or something. My Xbox friends. It was like that was a whole other ecosystem for me, Right When I played gears, that was that was my thing. I didn't have a single friend who played gears anywhere near my level, or somebody could really talk to you about it. So that was just specifically for Xbox. But if if that was that way, that maybe I would have to, I don't know for if we're gears friends, he's not good enough. I have toe. You know, I I

spk_0:   20:19
always did that. There was a few friends. I had a few friends locally that we played with you back in high school. They were around my skill level. They were good, But a lot of friends that just like, wanted to come over and play Halo is like, I didn't want to do it because I was so bored because I knew they were gonna spawn. I knew where they were going to go. I was on and they're not having a good time cause like they can't they can't let go anywhere without getting sniped, you know? And it's just like it's just it was never fun That happens

spk_1:   20:42
with Yeah, that'll happen with my buddy whenever we play a multiplayer game or even a single if we play campaign game together, he gets upset because I killed too many of the enemies right in like a cooperative campaign game, like I'm doing too much and he feels like he's not even really contributing. So he's just getting upset because of that. So what? What you start to do is just play silly casual, you know, games that don't really Or get like a group like a group game. Like more people. So such as those

spk_0:   21:05
you're not having fun. You have fun

spk_1:   21:09
with others, like you start drinking, You know, where you You know, I don't know if we usually go where you are, but in Toronto, Canada, it is. You do other things to make the experience fund, otherwise, you know. Yeah, it would be a too easy, I guess

spk_0:   21:23
it wasn't Colorado where used to live, but not here in Texas. Okay. You didn't hear anything I said you could cut that. Whatever. You absolutely eso shy way. What is like, what's but what's the story behind the name?

spk_1:   21:37
Ah, nothing like crazier. Elaborate. When I was, like, 12 years old, I used to play a thana Mabel story. Uh, loved that game and I just needed a name for Mabel Story. So I came up with shy Guy X II shy guys based on the Nintendo character. I pick shy guy because I felt like it just sounded like it was easy to say. Like if somebody had to call my name or something just shy or and excise just 12 in Roman numerals, But my birthday was The 12th is the 12th of January. Eventually, you know, that name stuck and I had it on Xbox. Everybody I knew in the gaming community would call me shy Eso it. It felt weird t to go away from shy, but I didn't like the connotations associated with being a shy guy And the Nintendo character I didn't really care that much about, like, I didn't have any connection to anymore. So I, um, just tried to modify the name. I guess I put way on the end. A friend said that sounded better. And then we went to shy away. And here we are,

spk_0:   22:34
Roles of the time, you know, rolls off the tongue eyes. I'm a wanker. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

spk_1:   22:40
Yeah. I thought about it recently. It's like, Is this the name that I want to cause obviously, you know, I want to succeed in what I'm doing in this industry. And eventually if a lot of people know who I am, is shy way who I want to be toe like the world makes sense. It's not terrible. I've been I've been thinking of how way could you know potentially be like a motivational thing for people like, you know, a positive direction, forward or upward anyway.

spk_0:   23:06
Yeah. I mean, you you find it well. And also, I think whether you thought about this not like it ties into the type of content that you do, it's like your exacting new ways to elevate people's gameplay to push people forward to try. You know what I mean? Like, it's so just what I grab from that. That's that's honestly

spk_1:   23:21
what it's what it's supposed to be. So that's great. Yeah,

spk_0:   23:24
awesome, man. Awesome, you know. So I guess you like to kind of pick you back up what you said, like, what is it specifically with this style of content that you're trying to achieve, Like when it says you want? When you say you want to make it like, What does that mean? I that's been kind of like the difficult thing. Now it is because I have

spk_1:   23:41
a lot of things that I want to achieve. Like so I have, like, a fantasy dream. Let's say this is you know, if I could do anything, I want my life. This is the fantasy goal is eso you know, like Ellen to generous Jimmy Fallon, all these talk show hosts. I would love to host my own talk show, but dedicated to e sports and twitch celebrities, but or streamers like celebrities. Essentially, um, with a live show format, Like with the stage with the audience with the band and everything, but for a whole new, you know, category of people. Gamers, Basically, Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry not to interrupt you, which I think is totally possible nowadays. Like that's we haven't really seen it before. Um, and I only expect that to become a reality at some point,

spk_0:   24:28
you actually said what I was going to say. Sorry. Ready? I rather you have said it because it's now it now it's relevant, you know. Know exactly. Yeah. Now there's a conversation being had about it. So, what was it like casting your first halo event?

spk_1:   24:40
Uh, it was cool. It was fun. Eso when I casted my first. So I guess what counts as the first halo of it, like, do you say, like, a like a big scale live, I think. Yeah. Okay, cause I've done, like, a little Microsoft store thing. Um, my first halo that was UGC ST Louis, 2018. Beginning in 2018 I was on the desk. I casted a couple. Siri's. It was It was fun. It's It's amazing. Honestly, it just feels like whenever I'm on the desk specifically like, casting is great. But I love being on camera. That is, that is my thing. That's where I feel like I'm in my element. Uh, there's something about being on that desk or being in front of a live audience and getting a live audience, you know, excited about a game about a matchup, that feeling that I get from pumping up like an audience. Just yeah, it's like nothing else. It's just so amazing, so exhilarating. This is that that giddy kind of like this is what I'm where I need to be right now, you know? I mean, yeah, So just getting people excited, motivated, energized all around a shared passion, that being Halo right now, he was kind of just the beginning. Yes,

spk_0:   25:47
yeah, what's I'm glad you did that cause, like Halo like to me, halos like a catalyst. And it's like that. It's it's cool that we've because a lot of Halo fans I know that like Halo, is it? And it's like that is like the end all be all on. It's like how to expand beyond that, like there's other things that we can enjoy. You know what I mean?

spk_1:   26:03
Right now in my life, it feels like Halo. Is it because it's so hard for me to play anything that's not Halo for like, more than 10 minutes? I swear, however, I don't feel like, realistically that's going to be out is like, Yeah, I feel like Halo infinite is hopefully going to be That boom like that that brings Halo back, puts us on the map and and and hopefully, you know, puts me on the map as well on. And if that happens, then I assume I would start breaking down other games, jumping on other desks and, you know, stuff like that. But I just Yeah, I just love video games in general, so I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of really exciting stuff coming up.

spk_0:   26:36
Yeah, I mean, speaking of infant like from imminent from what we've seen currently, what is it that I guess you're the most excited about for

spk_1:   26:45
what we've seen currently or what we've heard week. Teoh heard it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Eso Well, no, because I know there's, like, a leaked grapple hook it image or whatever that halo follower made a video about. Um and the idea of a grapple hook definitely sounds super interesting. You know, somebody who likes movement and stuff in games, However, it sounds super broken competitively, if everybody has a great book, but if it's like a map, pick up like a power weapon. You got a couple of uses or something, like maybe that's really cool. Um, but yeah, that the ar style. We haven't seen a lot just yet. You know, Hopefully, hopefully they got stuff like free to play like hopefully it's it's, ah, consistently updated. Uh, you know, it's just ah, like they talk about a live service, right? How the game is going like a live service. So just this idea of of, you know, being more than just like, ok released the game like you were you were embarking on an experience when you when you get into it and it just continues to evolve as we go, like, that would be so exciting. So

spk_0:   27:41
yeah, I mean, so you know when it comes to while I just I had I had a question and I completely, completely blank. Uh oh. It will come back, you know, when it So you're right now halos in a very unique position. Like as I'm talking when I say that, I mean the audience, you know, like the communities in a very big divide. You know? What is it that you think going forward is gonna take for this franchise to succeed?

spk_1:   28:08
Um, I mean, a lot of different things. A Sfar as the game itself, Like the first thing that's coming to mind. I don't know if you ever watch Fe VINs YouTube videos is a halo. YouTuber recently brought up this video talking about how the community could be rebuilt if 343 makes a game that rewards its players better. So you have stuff like, um, maybe not just as simple is like cosmetics, but like when you play like regardless whether it whether you're playing campaign competitive multiplayer, social multiple to play or whatever, you're getting specific rewards, and those rewards are exclusive to you. And there's so many rewards there, so diverse that you're creating your own unique Spartan. You have your own unique story to share. Regardless of what part of halo you're playing, you feel like you're rewarded in your earning something for it. I think that would be really, really good if they could do something like that where it's like you're there's incentive to continue to play an evolve. And there's a really easy way to share and create your own stuff and kind of build that ecosystem. I think that's Ah, that's gonna be the biggest thing. What was your original question? Now, if you like, I've lost that. You're

spk_0:   29:09
good. You're good, man. No. So it's like because the community is very, you know, it's no secret. Yeah, divide

spk_1:   29:14
between. Yeah, yes. So on top of that, you have, uh, well, like, one thing I'll say is I feel like perspective is changing now. It's It's been so long since, you know, all this negativity kind of began, and I feel like 34 threes kind of been correcting their course that people are generally taking a more positive mindset in the halo community. Those that are still creating content. Ah, and I know myself. I'm going to try to be you know what kind of a positive and encouraging as I can assess fair to both sides and try to be very fair to both sides. And I think that's really important is just kind of understanding and respect, respecting what people appreciate about every individual. Hey, let's huddle because all Halo titles have something that's that's ah, you know, great about them, even even Halo, for I'm sure he's got something going for it. So I but yeah, just kind of respecting what people's interests are and having, you know, just riel, like conversations with them about it rather than, you know, just shitting on each other and being toxic, which I think we see too much of. So I think that's starting to change, which is great. I think the content creators, that message that they put out there is gonna be so important in ensuring that that it stays positive. So I'm gonna do that. I'm sure that people are gonna do that as well. When the game comes out, almost regardless of what it is, I just want it, you know, I just wanted to be good, you know, like I wanted to help it become you know, a thing like a good thing, but

spk_0:   30:34
yeah, I saw I saw a tweet from saying the last night's, like, help help grow the community or the Baylor community Larger than it's ever been. You know? It's like I know that's a personal goal office.

spk_1:   30:42
Yeah. Yeah, that's what we all want to do, right? The halo community grows, we all grow. Uh, like it's Yeah, it's just win win for everyone. It's It would be really exciting to see that again.

spk_0:   30:52
Absolutely, I So I found the question. Ah, battery out. Do you think it's gonna be inhaler evident?

spk_1:   30:58
I think they should do it, to be honest, welcome. Kind of mixed on it, so I don't know if it's gonna be there. Um, I think if it is there, then they really can't skip out on all the other core Moz like they need to nail everything foundational e in the game like your your core competitive, your big team battle all that stuff. If they slack on any of that stuff, they're gonna get a lot of flak for it. I think if all that stuff is great having about around on top, I mean If you look at history on the battle, Royals have been coming out like, you know, it's You can't deny that this is huge for these games. Success like you look at war zone for modern warfare like Dude, you know, the viewership that that that that wars on experience and the popularity that it's gotten just because it exists and then that that builds the community on the competitive side of things. So it seems like nothing but a good thing. And when you look at Halo and what halos like capable of in the BR space, like either lore of Halo, the characters and and you know, the odious tease like drop ships and stuff like all the different weapons and vehicles like you could create something that's so sick with the concept of BR, So I think they should. If they do make a BR, they take a halo, spin on it and have unique elements within that kind of ah, you know, style of game. I think that would be great if they did something like that,

spk_0:   32:17
Yeah, because the way I view it is like it's if to me, it's like this is just my opinion. Like if it was a separate title or for us a separate free to play almost like how they did war zone where it was, like for at least game. And then And then you do the BR It's completely separate. Should help.

spk_1:   32:32
Yeah, make it freed. Frito Access for sure. Great. For all the streamers, right? They can just hop on and do their thing and get hundreds of thousands of years altogether. It

spk_0:   32:42
Yeah. And you bring up an interesting point, because before, before, you know, before lives happened honestly before war zone like, I've always I've always should on be ours, You know, just because it's not my style of gameplay. You don't like playing

spk_1:   32:52
him. I'm not. I'm not saying they should have, because I personally would be playing it that much. I probably wouldn't even play it that much. I just think it makes sense, Toe. You know what I mean of Yeah, sorry. But you were saying you wars up. Yeah,

spk_0:   33:04
Yeah, I know, but I I didn't like I shot on pr's like I hated br is a guy like, you know, I'm honestly war zone. I've been having a great time with. So it's like it started to change my perspective. Like could hey, will do this. You know, Could you know, is this like, am I just am I just a salty, like halo to fan boy that got in the way of, like, wanting to have a new experience, you know? Is that what it's gonna take for this franchise to evolve? Yeah, I just don't know.

spk_1:   33:27
Yeah, it's like it's it's a really good because you think of the audience of gamers today, like they're growing up on fortnight, you know? I mean, like, fortnight is kind of shaping the bulk of our gaming population, so they know about a royal like, like more, and they know any other genre video games. So you take Halo and you give it about a route formula, then you suck in all those four kids. I know so many people are crying right now when I say bringing the fortnight kids over to Halo, but you bring them in, and then hopefully they trickle down into the other areas of the game. That air hopefully solid a f. And I swear on your selling. Absolutely. Look, I just Yeah, they can't the game itself needs to be fully featured and just bomb like, you know what I mean, Like the competitive multiplayer side of it cannot. They can't skip on any of that stuff to prioritize some other D Both like people will freak out. So, you know, if they haven't br and it sucks. And all the fortnight kids and the 49 kids get to play this bomb ass competitive halo that all the you know, everybody's loving the competitive side. Then it's just a beautiful harmony. You can't go around there is

spk_0:   34:26
you bring you bring up a good point. It's like because, like, you get the newer generation hooked on this because the reality is like the population of Newark. This this next halo is for the newer kids. Like it's the for the most part, cause that's the main population.

spk_1:   34:39
Yeah. I mean, you want to hit as many people as possible in the end you got Hopefully the older guys, they're gonna love it, rightly want something they're gonna appreciate. But the New York kids, the ones who are putting all the time and playing all the games these days and we see what they're into, So this would be like a good way to, you know, initiate them or orient them into the into the game, cause I feel like Halo, the arena shooter style that it is. I mean, they're gonna kill it with marketing. So people are gonna get sucked into this Gamber Garlits. But I guess a lot of people don't really have that arena shooter cause, like, really, shooters aren't aren't really huge nowadays, you know what I mean? Like they don't really like other than halo What you got, You got quake like nobody's playing. No, kids are playing quick. You know, there's a cod's not really arena shooter, like people die in two seconds. Yeah,

spk_0:   35:27
it's basically SWAT, you know, it's this

spk_1:   35:29
right, That's why,

spk_0:   35:30
yeah, yeah, exactly. My least favorite game side because And that's not mine. Cod.

spk_1:   35:34
But, yeah, it's just not not like arena shooter.

spk_0:   35:37
What's the challenge? I mean, because you have you have the Fanboys that have been playing this franchise since the very beginning of time. You let myself before I could even hold the controller. I was playing. I was trying to, like, stretch my fingers to play this game. Uh, and and now it's like because not only are the newer kids gonna be putting the most time, it's like they're going that that also means content. It means competitive. It means it means everything. And you never know because the faster style of gameplay could attract some people you know to that scene. I mean, you look at Halo five like this, like you look at shots that you like. Akiko, You look at a lot of these people that just came out of the woodworks and just annihilated the scene and gave a lot of the dinosaurs in my you know, that's what I call like a lot of the old Halo goats, like a run for their money.

spk_1:   36:20
Yeah, well necessary thing is like. What they could do, though, is so a lot of the classic Halo two fans like It's not like those guys, you know, like it's it's tough to be X are a double shot, all that stuff that the depth of the nuances just present specifically in the shooting mechanics in Halo five. It's all in the movement mechanics, and at the moment, the older community just doesn't respect, depth and movement for some reason, like the death of booby cannons, they're they're, you know, they're all about shooting, and it is an FPs and makes sense. So, like I'm thinking, slow the game down a bit but have depth in the shooting mechanics in some way, like make it harder to shoot, you know, are like like I know it be weird to have like like a BX are like a double shot like it make modern competitive game. It might be cool if they have something in that vein of, you know, like some sort of mechanic has to do with Meles or shooting or whatever. That's like skilled. Yeah, it was the Boehner. Yeah, right. So you get like a mix of both you get like movement is still cool. It's nuances depth there. It's not quite as like, you know, you're not thrust lighting everywhere all the time. Like you know, you gotta be like value high ground and positions a little bit more on Ben. You have more depth in the shooting side of things, so you know there's something to think about their there's nuance there to talk about. That would be a cool harmony. I think you

spk_0:   37:37
and I don't I honestly like With what? What? What they're being tasked to do. I do not envy their position.

spk_1:   37:42
I mean, Hank, No,

spk_0:   37:44
you know, like they have such that they have such a hard job because like, this is such a large community and they almost buried in my opinion, But it's ah making this many people happy across different age groups, different nostalgia levels different. You know, Game types is just Lord like that that just does not seem

spk_1:   38:01
to be upset. Regardless of what they do. It's it's simple is saying Sprint or no sprint, that's it. And the thing is like people. And I feel like an asshole. It's good discussion. But Sprint as a mechanic has changed so much since reach. Like if it was spring from Halo reach, then I would be just as upset as the halo community. If you bring in Halo, reach sprint into the halo infinite, you know, I mean, um, but that's a whole other discussion, but yeah, you're right. Is ah, people on different sides of the reason Be happy?

spk_0:   38:30
Yeah. Yeah, and I think I think it just takes a little bit of an open mind. You know, like if people are just at least willing to be willing to be a little bit open, you know it just crack the door and you may just have a good time. You know, it's

spk_1:   38:42
gotta love to learn to like, Like, I feel like some people just they get really good at one thing, and then they don't like to retrain their brain to do, like, other things toe learn. You think, you know, I mean, like, you become really good at, like, halo two or Halo three and you're just dominating everyone. You go play Halo five and the formulas so different that you're not dominating on that same level. So, like your deterred from trying to just learn and get really good at that one, too. You know, I feel like you gotta be more open to, you know, just just learning new things.

spk_0:   39:12
What's funny? You mention that because like up until about six months ago, I I I used to play out. So, you know, I was the best of my like I was in my prime between two and three. That was the end of two, and all three is when I was Really you know, as far as as far as my skill base was was really on fire, but I played to sensitivity. You know, that was that was my sense. And up until now, actually, watching Eli streams like was actually what motivated me to buckle past is nuts. It's a

spk_1:   39:41
watching. Eli plays crazy. Honestly, he makes me think, like mouse and keyboard and shit. When I watch him play Halo three. I'm like, Dude, you know, even if you have a mouse and keyboard, you're not gonna hit shots like like you like getting shots right now. You're just not the little aim assists. I guess you could talk about but like, he's just so so precise. He's so quick to

spk_0:   40:01
Yeah, so do you think, like, you know, So it's another good point. Like when it comes to mass. Rob? Yeah, yeah, this is gonna

spk_1:   40:07
be a problem. There's no way around it. I don't see how they're because, like I get like, people are arguing like MCC cause they're older games like the hotel, like an older version of a Maciste or something, you know, like, yes, it's, like, stronger. Sure, you know, like, maybe it's stronger than what? Halo Infinite Samos. This is gonna be. I'm not sure, but there's always gonna be the argument people to be up in arms about it. I guarantee you, Yep. Um, we already have it for fortnight for Apex and stuff, right? Yeah.

spk_0:   40:34
Yeah, did it's It's Yeah, and that's that's the struggle, because I feel like like there's certain games that is built for mouse and keyboard in there. Certain games that aren't, you know, And that's honestly, it's it's probably my closed mindedness to it. But when I hop into cod and war zone like mouse and keyboard feels phenomenal like it is, it just hits, you know? But when I tried to play Halo reach on Mountain Qi, it just felt off. You know, I just

spk_1:   40:59
Yeah, the biggest thing. Um, well, so shields obviously is one thing, like battles or longer you can escape. You're not gonna get lasered in something like cod, so it's not a simple just point and click got him down. Um, and also, movement movement is the biggest thing, Like one of the biggest things I think that's so different is and, you know, maybe they have keyboards really pressing down halfway and you tiptoe or something. But just the fact you're going like full speed every time you get a key, you can only tap really quickly whenever you just want to inch forward. I feel like in Halo five classic halo games. There's so many situations where you're hitting a press precise jump and you're not pegging the stick. You're just like moving in a tiny bits. You tiptoe back like all of the vertical scaling stuff I do in H five, where I jump backwards and clamber allege above me. You got a very precisely tilt back on the left stick and kind of feel it out every time. You know, Um, so with a mouse and keyboard, I don't know. I mean, I never really grinded it, but it just seems odd to me.

spk_0:   41:54
It's just you're not, in my opinion, not missing much. Uh, I'm trying to elevate my skills as a masking keyboard player, you know, in certain areas again, because I grew up on Controller. Halo is my game. I've been trying to Yeah, yeah, it's it's cool to do that, but to me, Halo just does not may And maybe they might change something that may change my mind completely. I'm I'm open to trying it, but at the same time, like I'm gonna plug my elite into my PC if I'm going up.

spk_1:   42:23
Yeah, And you get that that smooth at PS too, when you're playing region controller and you got that, like, you know, 1 40 plus FPs It just feels like so easy to just destroy everything. Yeah, the thing to that when I was playing the flight for H two a is ah, with the BR and it feels so satisfying. Honestly, I was I was enjoying a mouse and keyboard campaign H two a. I was like, Damn, this is sick. I'm really liking this. Like, I feel like I was killing all the grunts and the elites like super quick. And then I get in a multi player and I'm like, Damn, this is tough. And it's because you have to work for every BR shot, like the entirety of the spread. You have to think about like each one of those three bullets. You got to keep it aimed on the guy and track him so that all three bullets and spread hit in every shot. But when I'm playing H two a on controller, I just shoot on the guy and all three bullets magnetized to you Don't You don't have to think about the spread. And I didn't realize that until you go back and forth so well, you know, let's say hello, Infinite. Has br starts or something? Like I thought, maybe, you know, be ours. Radicals bigger, you know, easier to hit shots or something with the mouse and keyboard. But you have to work for every bullet in the spreads, so I don't know.

spk_0:   43:28
I see I never plot. I never did. I did the flight, but I didn't play. I didn't play campaign. I didn't even try it amounts. And because I'm like, this is just my child. I'm not gonna play this on. I wasn't even I was that when I wasn't even willing. Teoh, I just I don't know. I just I wasn't even willing to do it. I had a blast playing it on controller. You know, it was it felt like such a great job that they

spk_1:   43:50
did, Yeah. Oh, it felt like ready to go. I'm surprised it's not out like the H two. A flight had no issues whatsoever like that. I think the halo reach flight. I'd like several issues playing in H two A. I was like, OK, this game's good. It's ready to go. It seems fine. Yeah,

spk_0:   44:06
I know there's a lot of people and it picks some of the certain features. Like I didn't I I even left it in my feedback section. Just I said, like, you know, I just kind of fan boy, it was extremely nostalgic, and I didn't really pay attention. Close to, like, extreme details. Like, just gonna be honest. Like this game was flawless, you know? Um,

spk_1:   44:21
yeah, I just spent a bit of time I can't pay in politic of multiplayer matches. And yeah, I was like, This is good. I didn't give feedback, though I should probably give him feedback. Probably said, Well, I'm lucky to get into these flights and then I just plan for a bit.

spk_0:   44:37
Lookie, lookie. I'm like, you know what? I better do Feedback or else I won't get invited to the next.

spk_1:   44:41
That's what I would start to think. As you're saying, like I was like you said, you give feedback. And this guy's giving feedback like, who am I? Teoh. I think I just come in like, you know I deserve this. All right, Just give me that flight right foot out. Content, right. Like That's right. I need to get e.

spk_0:   44:57
Check the speaker tags, man. Look at the speaker tax. That's awesome. Cool, man. Let's let's go and wrap it up. Your man. It was a pleasure. Is pleasure having you on, Alex. Do so You know, for those on lat last Quite wanted just two final questions. You know, so shirt for those who are on the fence about infinite, you know, what advice would you give? Would you give these people?

spk_1:   45:21
You were on the fence, If you're not sure if they want. Oh, yeah, we're gonna like it. Or playing. Um, I would advice. I don't know. I think like what we already said is just try to be a little bit more open minded about this stuff, but also understand that, like, even if the game is a certain way, I'm hoping that they build it like, especially with forage. I'm hoping that they build it so that you can create your own experience with it. Like, regardless of what type of halo player you are like, you could turn off all of the abilities. You could play a classic style. You could, you know? I mean, like, Forge is easy to use. Hopefully So you can build these, like, beautiful maps that are close quarters that, like rebuild midship or something like I don't know. I'm just saying, like, worst case scenario, hopefully they build a system so that every type of hair a fan can still enjoy it in some capacity, even if the main you know, mode isn't quite what you're looking for. But try to be open minded, you know? Like you might be surprised. Might like it.

spk_0:   46:17
Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So last question, aside from video games, everything just life in general, you know, at your age what you want to be when you grow up. Yeah, I

spk_1:   46:26
saw that question. I was like, Do you have already old talking about? I'm not like I'm 28 sir. I met the When you get into the end of twenties, you're like, Damn, dude, it's It's over for me. What's going on? Why? Why? My wife and I succeeded yet, Like you know, I mean, um, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. So I said that the fantasy dream was to have my own e sports talk show e sports twitch Celebrities have ninja on their, you know, have a real live show with a live audience. That would be freaking amazing. Be unbelievable. But I also want to continue to do what I'm doing with the analyst analysis stuff. Uh, there's more fantasy dreams. Is is I have my own studio dedicated to producing high quality analysis on all different sports titles, not just Halo. Um, and I've got a professional like monitor beside me that I can interact with really easily. We got, like, you know, top quality tools that will, like, isolate specific things that, like players looking at or whatever, like a keep, You know, the thing you gotta pay attention to on. I deliver the presentation, and I'm also like, way more buff than I currently have. I know this sounds like ludicrous, but like I, especially after quarantine, I really want to try to get back into the gym like, you know, hardcore. But I want to kind of rupture the status quo for people who don't care about video games like, I want you to take a look at analysis for me and, uh, and do a double take because you see a guy who's in good shape, who speaks well. And he's talking about Mario and why Mario just took out Donkey Kong, you know, like a sitcom bow, and it's like, Damn what I'm supposed to care about this stuff. This guy looks like he's well put together. You know what I mean? Like I want. I want people outside the industry to be like damn gaming. Is is the shit now, like you should be paying attention to it now. So yes, So breaking down that stuff in a studio in a high level, hopefully getting better, had video games so I could live stream and not be trash bag. Now I'm too hard on myself, but I want to continue to prove at games. I don't expect to be a pro at this point. Are, you know, getting a protein. But if I can compete kind of close to that level, put up some good clips and stuff, that'd be nice build a community there. How am in those three areas?

spk_0:   48:31
Awesome way. I appreciate you again. Thank you so much for being on the show today. And you have a great day. Thank

spk_1:   48:36
you for having me, man. You too.

spk_0:   48:37
Absolutely. Yeah. Thank you so much for turning into this weeks podcast. If this podcast brought you any value at all, it would mean the world if you like and subscribe to this podcast. I do release episodes weekly. I also upload content to YouTube. This podcast will be on YouTube soon. It's just not there yet. Waiting on a few things to get finalized before we go ahead and launch that. If you're wondering what podcast directories I am on? Yeah, I am on Apple podcast Spotify Google Podcast, Podcast addict. Ha Chaser Cesaire. Listen. Notes and a lot more coming soon. All of this is under the bonified experience. Podcast. You all. I hope you have a fantastic week and I'll see you next time